• EtherCubs – Web3 For Unity

    EtherCubs – Web3 For Unity

    EtherCubs is a web3 framework, building on top of Nethereum for the Unity game engine. This package allows easy communication with the decentralized Web3 space, where user data is hosted on the blockchain. It will also come with game-ready dapps, like the Web3 Game Server Browser and the planned Web3 Workshop, along with variety of…

  • Shared Editor Tool Utilities (SETUtil)

    Shared Editor Tool Utilities (SETUtil)

    SETUtil for Unity is an open-source project, publicly available free of charge.The purpose of SETUtil is providing common utilities, to allow for more streamlined editor tool development (for asset store publishers and developers alike).It allows common methods to be delegated to the SETUtil library, and also provides useful data container classes, complete with operators &…

  • Game Jam Projects (List)

    Game Jam Projects (List)

    Here you’ll find small independent projects, developed during game jams, such as Ludum Dare, Procjam and others.


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