IK-Plus Devlog

IKP v0.4 (15.01.2022)

The big update for IKP is now live! Version 0.4 includes: Improved automatic setup, major optimizations, the long-awaited Generic limbs module and so much more! Along with that the package now includes some handy animation utilities, such as skinned bone visualization and bone retargeting! 🙌https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/ik-plus-97606

IKP v0.3 (06.03.2020)

As of currently a new version (v0.3) is pending an Asset Store approval. The new version provides fixes for all of the known listed bugs of v0.2.9 and introduces new features such as the Weapon Module’s tilt, which allows you to tilt the held item around its forward axis. Besides that, the Weapon Collision Module now has a dynamic push direction which is determined based on the vertical obstruction distances, meaning if there is an obstacle too close to the bottom part of the held item, it will prefer to go up instead of down and vice versa!

Expected release date is the first half of March 2020 (in about a week from writing this update).

Also, a new tutorial video is out, explaining how would you go about setting up IKP in the context of a first-person game.

Known issues with IKP v0.2.9 (20.06.2019)

These are the known issues that are being fixed right now. None of them are guaranteed to happen, but it’s good to keep them in mind when using the current alpha version of IKP.

  • When no animations are present, the weapon collision module does not reset the held item to its initial orientation when the colliding object has been disengaged.
  • UNDO does not work while an Editor Simulation is playing.
  • Occasional jerk of the gun transform when colliding with an object for the first time, probably related to the weapon collision module.

Update v1.2.1 – Hands Correction, Module encapsulation, Weapon Collision and much more! (28.12.2018)

With the upcoming update v1.2.1 IKP will be introducing many new features and improvements.

The first of which is “hands correction” for the Upper Body Module. This will allow you to correct any differences between setups, for the case where multiple different characters need to interact with the same object.

Next big thing with the update is the Weapon Collision module, which will allow weapons (utilizing the IKP_Weapon.cs component) to interact with the environment by getting pushed away by obstacles (no actual colliders on the weapon required).

The codebase is moving towards a more plugin-like approach, where modules carry all their required code extensions with them and a “Module Linker” and a “Module Manager” are used to help mediate between the IKP and the module scripts. As time goes on any hardcoded interactions between the IKP.cs and the various modules will be eliminated.


New changes to the interface include drop downs separating “Settings” and “Properties” which gives a more organized feel to the inspector. However, bone setup still has to be configured from the component panel.

The Editor Simulation module is also worth mentioning. It will allow you to preview and test the IK behavior inside the editor, which can be of great help when modifying any of the settings. It’s important to note that for now properties under a “Properties” panel will be locked during any such simulations to prevent serialization problems. With that being said, this module will be required while using the Hands Correction feature.

IKP will utilize SETUtil v1.20+ and the update is scheduled for the first half of January 2019.

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