StormGuns Devlog

StormGuns Devlog #07 (17.03.2021)

*Stretches fingers* *Sips coffee*
I feel like even after we’ve so drastically cut the scope of the project we’ve had quite the list of tasks left ahead of us. Well, now that list is next to done the project looks and feels more like a game. That’s not to say there aren’t a number of bugs left to fix, but we’re targeting the bare minimum playable experience, so we can actually begin taking in feedback and such.

Anyway, all core systems are done in their basic form. You know, running, shooting, climbing.. fall damage (but be careful not to stub your toe on any sharp objects, it deals almost as much damage as a 50cal to the face) the list goes on. Then we have the weapons with all of their attachments and sub-attachments, multiple sights to switch between. We’ve got looting and loot spawns done too. Then we dropped in some XP and rewards to help you track your progress. And.. we got some epic music for the main menu (free from the asset store, but don’t tell anybody, please, ok?).

While all that has been going on, networking integration branch has been moving along nicely. Making a multiplayer game, you’d assume the networking code is kind of a big deal for us.

So turns out networking is hard, who could’ve known. While we’ve been developing different features in parallel, we didn’t consider much how they’d merge… and here we were again, neck-deep in bug fixing and backtracking old code, long forgotten by the holy gods of programming. Just a little longer and we’d probably be good, as that’s the only thing left to finish up before the pre-alpha demo.

But before I conclude this devlog entry, there’s our present for you. You see, while Victor was sweating away at the networking solution, I’ve had some fun researching the new Unity HD Rendering Pipeline and for those of you who live under a rock, that’s Unity’s way of flipping off Unreal. So here’s a little demo with our “Zavod” environment (make sure you don’t fall off the map). Enjoy!

StormGuns Devlog #06 (20.12.2020)

It has been almost an year since the last devlog. Before I continue, we really do owe an apology to everybody who has been following the development of the game for going dark for such a long period of time. The game is nowhere near abandoned, but a lot of things have happened and things are going a little slower.

As of today (20.12.2020) we hosted a Q&A stream on twitch and the following notes will be more or less a summary of what we talked about there for everyone who didn’t have the chance to join in.

So where are we with development really?

We’ve had a number of meetings re-evaluating the scope of the project and what would be a reasonable goal, given the “resources” we currently have. That is to say, most of the cool ideas we’ve had are just not realistically achievable in a reasonable amount of time and this is already a project that has been in development for just over 4 years now. Features such as the “open world” exploration mode, trading, territory control or AI-reinforced multiplayer matches are definitely cool ideas, but are going to take a very extensive amount of time to achieve and we don’t want to perpetuate this project indefinitely.

A lot of the planned features were implemented during the past year and we are continuing on polishing and implementing the ones we deem feasible. For instance the really in-depth loadouts system is fully implemented. Looting, day/night map variants, environment interactions such as doors and objects, destructible props, moderately-advanced player movement (variable movement speeds, 3 stances – standing, crouching, prone) etc. are also already fully implemented.

So what’s really on the table?

What we have planned is a February 2020 playable alpha release with a drastic cut in scope. This is the first time we’ve realistically estimated the work needed to go into the game and are going strong on finishing up and tying all features that we have together. This will be the first time the community will actually get their hands on the thing we set out to do 4 years ago.

Players will be getting 1 polished map with 2 different lighting scenarios, 5-6 ready weapons with lots of available attachments and an XP-based progression system that will reward you for playing the game. Everything else will be a product of community feedback and requests. We will be trying to keep you posted on all additional features that will be coming up for the following beta release, but for now (and from now on) we won’t share anything we’re not completely sure about.

This first alpha version will release without monetization elements, just pure multiplayer fun and on the off-chance that we scale really well quickly (that would be nice), we could prioritize some form of micro transactions just so we’re able to support the game servers.


This project is a labor of love and passion after all, so we really wan to create an enjoyable experience for our players, something we’d enjoy jumping in and playing ourselves. That means we will be releasing a free-to-play game and will be staying away of the pay-to-win route. Game will have available for purchase only cosmetic bundles (while of course considering game balance and visibility) and everything else in terms of upgrades and items will have to be acquired through dedication and skill. XP progression modifiers will not be purchasable options either.

This summarizes the major points of the Q&A stream. We thank you for sticking with us for all this time and hope to share this wonderful experience for many more years to come. See you on the battlefield 🙂

StormGuns Devlog #05 (02.10.2019)

Loadout crates / terminals are fully functional now. You are able to Edit loadouts, Resupply or deposit immediate items* to to your stash.

Immediate items are things you have collected during your mission / deployment. They can be lost upon death, so you will need to deposit them into your stash. They will have the “temporary” label. Idea is to go out to NPCs that can “ensure” your items, which means they will permanently remain in your possession .

More work has been done on the new networking solution and we began developing some basic AI as well. More on that in the next devlogs 😉

StormGuns Devlog #04 (11.08.2019)

It has been almost 2 months now since the last devlog, so I’ve decided it is time I write down some lines on how the project is going so far.

First off, the reason for missing a devlog for such a long time is simple – I don’t want to bore you to death. We have been doing some heavy development related to the actual systems of the game, however those are things that don’t offer much to show for. But since we’re on it, things like the character movement system, player and weapon stats, weapon spawning, some back-end stuff and lots of other systems have been completely re-worked.

Movement system was a big one as we needed something that can actually handle parkour moves. What we previously had was nothing more but a leftover code from a really old prototype. So we had to do away with that and do it right. Also interactable objects are now a thing such as openable doors, etc.

But let’s be honest, that doesn’t speak anything to non-developers and is not something you can go ahead and get excited about now is it, so what’s up?


Well, we are preparing for the AI.

That’s right, it’s finally time we did that and it will be a tough one. Creating AI is not only a very slow process, it is also extremely hard to do right. There are so many things that can go wrong that my hands become shaky just by thinking about it. It is one of those things that can make or break your game. It needs to feel fair, yet challenge the player in every step of the way and also work in multiplayer… and singleplayer… and co-op…. what have we gotten ourselves into.

Bud I digress. What I’m trying to say is, there are many scary things up ahead into development yet to come so arm yourselves with patience as we march on step by step towards the most “not so bad” game we can do.

StormGuns Devlog #03 (20.06.2019)

Unit recruitment has its basic functionality complete. The player is able to choose a “Rig” for the character model, one of four predetermined classes and a name for his unit. Plans are to give players the ability to create custom classes to fit their specific play style.

There are no limits to the number of units the player is able to hire right now, however the equipment used by one unit is not shared by others. The hard limit may be set to something reasonably low and additional units may be acquired in missions and events during gameplay.

StormGuns unit recruitment screen

The in-game news display has also been done and a lot of effort is being put into improving the networking solution, which will allow us to deliver responsive social features.

We have also been creating tools and utilities that will help us in improving workflow and automating some of the repetitive manual labor in hopes to speed up the development process.

StormGuns Devlog #02 (12.05.2019)

Past months has been mostly improving internal systems to allow the team better control over the character rigging and implementing the new characters that we have planned.

Work on in-game loadout editing also has been done, which would allow players to edit their equipment in their hideouts or at loadout stations deployed by support classes.

Current factions are Conglomerate, Red Republic and of course Vikings. Each player will be able to choose a faction for each of their units so one player account can play as other factions. Vikings probably will not be a playable factions but rather AI that players will encounter during free-roaming when doing quests and during PvP & PvE multiplayer missions.

We’ve also been migrating all of our backend over to Playfab, which has led to an overall much better experience for the end user and us.

Both a news system and many social features, like a friend list are in the works for the upcoming month.

StormGuns Devlog #01 (09.04.2019)

For this first ever devlog on StormGuns I’d like to share the progress we’ve made so far and the sate of the game as of this date.

The loadout system has been re-made to fit a more survival-like gameplay, meaning the player has a stash and will be able to collect items during multiplayer matches and free-roaming. There are no plans to share the stash with Campaign missions. The multiplayer experience will be separate from the DLC Campaigns.

Player health will be pretty standard, with each limb having it’s own “hit multiplier”, meaning for example that if you hit the legs the damage dealt will be 80% of the base damage applied, where as if you hit the player head you’d have roughly 200% damage multiplier. Do keep in mind that those values are just an example and they may change.

For the future, Hideouts and Free-roaming will be the primary way of going into multiplayer missions / raids as an attempt to create a more immersive experience.

Currently the game doesn’t have a Friend / Squad system, but that’s a planned feature.

Current team consists of:

Dev Team:
Hristo Ivanov – Game Logic Programming & 3D Art
Victor Antonio – Networking & Multiplayer Game Modes

Contributors: Edi Kasamakov, Erik Trifonov

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